Floreo | Accelerating Impact with JFFLabs

Unleashing the power of virtual reality to offer a supplementary method of helping people with autism spectrum disorder.

Published jan. 22, 2020

3.5M Adults and 1.5M young people live with autism in the US. Total under-employment for this population is over 90%, meanwhile roughly 80% with ASD are capable of learning skills that would increase their ability to be employed. Families, clinicians, and educators who support people with ASD have an array of tech tools to choose from, but many of those products haven’t been vetted in clinical studies.

Research shows intensive behavioral interventions improve long-term outcomes for people with ASD, but such treatments are expensive and often are not administered consistently. Immersive learning systems like Floreo’s are more cost-effective and can be delivered at scale.

Floreo harnesses the power of virtual reality to offer a supplementary method of helping people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) learn social and communication skills. The company has a growing library of science-based lessons, and its technology gives supervising adults a way to track learners’ progress. Schools, therapy practices, and parents use Floreo’s tools.


Floreo aims to be the leading platform for the development of learning content for people with developmental delays. Floreo’s mission is not just to create innovative tools, but also to work with researchers, educators, and therapists to demonstrate that its tools positively impact the lives of people with ASD.

Floreo has driven groundbreaking research on autism and VR. The company’s first research study, which focused on improving eye contact, was published in JMIR Pediatrics and Parenting and won the Node.Health award for top evidence-based pilot in 2017. At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Floreo research supported by a National Institutes of Health grant has yielded a half-dozen papers and academic presentations.


With JFF, Floreo is focusing on market awareness and product fit for an effective immersive learning technology that’s cost-effective and can be delivered at scale for high impact population. Together we’re developing a strategic action plan to support new partner relationships with enterprise clients, diversifying revenue sources in return.