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Harnessing both technology and human interaction to provide training in essential frontline workplace skills.

Published jan. 22, 2020

As the world of work evolves, the need for new and more effective approaches to training is greater than ever. In this context, immersive learning technology has proven to be a powerful tool that’s capable of transforming corporate training. This rings true particularly for businesses who manage workers in positions where human skills, including empathy and customer service skills, are core to a job or task. This is leading to further adoption among companies who employ frontline and middle-skill talent where immersive learning works, often better than traditional approaches with demonstrated efficacy for learning and development.

Drawing upon research in learning science, artificial intelligence, and psychology, Mursion harnesses both technology and human interaction to provide training in essential frontline workplace skills. The company’s immersive VR simulations are powered by a blend of artificial intelligence and live human interaction. With trained professionals orchestrating interactions between learners and digital avatars, Mursion simulations achieve a realism that delivers measurable high-impact results.

Mursion’s goal is to provide a scalable way to help people develop the skills that make us uniquely human, and to be recognized in a wide range of industries as the provider of the premier experiential reality platform for improving and assessing social effectiveness. It is making progress toward that goal: After starting out in the education market, the company now has nearly 200 customers representing nearly every major economic sector.

Using Musion’s technology, learners put their skills to the test in real time by entering simulated environments where they interact with virtual people in real-life high-stakes scenarios. Afterward, they meet with a coach to debrief. The simulations feature emotive and empathic interactions in authentic contexts, so the lessons stick. This is proving to be an effective way to train educators. More than 65 universities use Mursion technology to prepare future K-12 teachers for life in the classroom, and to help principals learn to give feedback to teachers.


JFF and Mursion are working together by creating piloting profiles of soft skills development in the workforce ecosystem. By creating and testing a roadmap for workforce engagement, innovation leaders in the workforce space will be engaged with a framework to be modeled in similar programs. In parallel, product strategy and analytics will further inform workforce field engagement in ways that will increase impact and company value.

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"How Immersive Learning Technology Is Transforming Workforce Training and Driving Social Impact"

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