JFFLabs Assessments Impact Accelerator

JFFLabs works with entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies to accelerate and scale technology-based workforce and educational innovations.

The world of work is rapidly evolving. New education and training models are needed to prepare students and workers for the jobs and careers of the future, and to support the talent needs of business today.

At JFFLabs, we scan markets and work with mission-aligned entrepreneurs and growth-stage companies to accelerate and scale technology-based solutions that are poised for significant social impact and are aligned to important topics such as assessments. Paired with IT training programs, assessments can be effective because they support workers in career exploration and help companies identify job candidates most likely to succeed.

We partnered with Salesforce.org to scan the market, identify great assessment solutions, and work directly with the companies poised for impact. These companies demonstrated product/market fit and have the ability to deliver meaningful social impact in tandem with the growth of their business. Working across JFF and JFFLabs, our Impact Accelerator aligns social impact with the needs of business, education, and workforce systems.

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2020 Assessment Technology

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Why Assessments for IT


Transformative innovations in cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity have spurred tremendous growth in IT. At JFFLabs, we see this as an opportunity to help young people and individuals in transition access high-quality careers that pay family-supporting wages. But to take advantage of this opportunity, we must train hundreds of thousands of new workers over the coming years.

Assessments paired with IT pre-apprenticeship programs can be particularly effective because they support career exploration and identify candidates most likely to be successful.

2020 Assessment Technology | Market Scan

This market scan identifies the most promising assessment technologies that are poised to generate significant social impact and are aligned to particular topic areas.

We are excited by the powerful alignment of our shared mission to level the playing field and increase economic opportunity for all.

Alex Linley, CEO, Cappfinity