Vervoe | Accelerating Impact with JFFLabs

AI-powered skill testing platform that automatically grades any tailored skills assessment, and ranks candidates according to job-related skills.

Published jan. 13, 2020

Every day, wonderful, capable, and passionate people are unfairly excluded from the hiring process for reasons other than whether they can actually do the job. Every candidate should have an opportunity to showcase their talent. Companies can drive this by assessing candidates with job-related tasks so they can make hiring decisions based on performance, without bias.

Making hiring about merit, not background, and informed decisions from data, not bad signals around human capability across both hard and soft skills helps companies identify the talent that matches their business needs. Similarly, quality assessment technology helps learners make more informed career navigation choices among employment opportunities, identifying skills while exploring what’s possible in a particular sector and role.

Vervoe is an AI-powered skill-testing platform that helps companies hire the best candidate by focusing on who can do the job, not who looks good on paper. Vervoe uses machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that allow companies to test candidates for any skill and automatically grade their responses at any scale.

Candidate Scoring

JFF is partnering with Vervoe by focusing squarely on the impact opportunity of making more equitable hiring for employers and gig-economy marketplaces. Together we’re working on the goal of expanding the adoption of assessments at the top of the hiring funnel, with a core focus on the benefits of diversity, equity, and inclusion that are made possible with skills-based hiring approaches.

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Vervoe uses machine learning to create tailored skills assessments that can be automatically graded. The company has invested heavily in data science and engineering, creating an AI-enabled assessment system allowing their clients to use customized, validated, and relevant skill assessments quickly and affordably. Because of their initial investments in research and engineering, Vervoe is able to create validated assessments quickly and affordably across all industries, assessing a wide variety of skills and capabilities.