It was an effective way to ensure our operations, strategy and model were sound and primed for scaling.

Principles For Preparing For An Impact Accelerator

Published aug. 13, 2019

JFFLabs Impact Accelerator works with mission-aligned entrepreneurs and growth stage companies to accelerate and scale technology-based solutions.

During the program, partners received tailored support and opportunities uncommon among other startup accelerators. Companies work with members of JFF and JFFLabs networks to develop and scale their solutions to new markets. Through this work, demonstrate the value of each solution while providing immediate benefits to workers, employers, and system stakeholders.

In a blog originally published on Forbes, Elyse Burden, CEO of Real World Scholars, a JFFLabs Work-Based Learning Acceleration Partner, shares important guiding principles for entrepreneurs to consider when preparing for an impact accelerator, including:

  • Have a high functioning, durable model
  • Serve a specific population with a specific objective
  • Build an engine that gets you where you want to go
  • Invest in your community