College Board and Jobs for the Future Partner to Support Learners to Create a ‘Big Future’

Delivering on the need to provide more transparent data on quality postsecondary programs.

Published jun. 07, 2022

There are many educational paths to success that do not start with a four-year degree. Students deserve transparent information and data on the quality of postsecondary programs to select which can be the best option for them.

All students, especially students from low-income households, need clear information about available options after high school that unlock economic advancement.

To make this a reality for all students, stakeholders ranging from families, community-based organizations, big tech, start-ups, and policymakers alike will need to demand and work towards more transparent data on quality postsecondary programs—ones that provide a return on investment for students by providing students with skills that employers need for career opportunities today and tomorrow.

To accelerate this change, College Board and JFF are working together to integrate career navigation and high-quality postsecondary options into College Board’s BigFuture platform. BigFuture® is a set of free, comprehensive set of digital resources that helps all students take a productive first step after high school.

JFF will be a strategic advisor, connector, and assessor to College Board as we evolve BigFuture resources so that students can easily and effectively:

  1. Explore careers based on their interests, labor market demand, and academic readiness.
  2. Discover critical information about available post-secondary education and financing options that lead to career success.
  3. Create actionable plans that connect the dots between students’ career interests and values, the skills and experience they will gain in postsecondary, and their career journey.

This expanded partnership was announced at Horizons—JFF’s signature national event, where we reimagine the workforce and education landscape through inspiring conversations and interactive experiences with thought leaders in our fields.

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