Retail employers get it—their compact with workers is changing as they become new centers of education and training.

JFFLabs in "Retail, Other Jobs Offer Education Opportunities"

Published feb. 27, 2020

Beyond frontline roles, the retail sector offers opportunities across several different career pathways. In many cases, these efforts are being led by who we call Impact Employers—companies that prioritize worker advancement alongside bottom-lines.

On Forbes, JFFLabs and their adjacent Corporate Leadership initiative were featured in an article that highlights the important role that employers play in connecting people to learning and work in the retail sector.

This article coincides and supports JFFLabs' Impact Accelerator and ETF@JFFLabs partnership with Nepris, a platform for connecting industry with K-16 classrooms online, hosts of a week-long series with retail industry professionals. During the week of February 24, Nepris, is hosting a series of online Retail Industry Chats for classrooms to connect with Impact Employers learn how the retail sector is developing opportunities for talent to be developed and cultivated.

Retail employers get it. Driven by the changing realities of work, their compact with workers is changing as they become new centers of education and training, increasingly taking on a centralized role in learning. Employees and candidates are experiencing this shift, and navigating careers decisions based in part on what employers offer.

Stephen Yadzinski, managing director, JFF

Image via Bloomberg News