Why I'm so optimistic about entrepreneurship—because there's so many new opportunities.

When Student-Driven Youth Career Technology Meets the Moment

Published jun. 15, 2021

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The ways young people learn were forever changed by the pandemic. The past year revealed that technology is not only a linchpin of student learning—it’s crucial for careers and in life.

Young adults are realizing that they will need better tools to make good decisions about their education and careers. Students expect platforms and digital tools to give them a streamlined, personalized picture of advancement opportunities, transferable skills, access to mentors and networks, and the myriad elements that make up an individual’s experience of, and within, the labor market.

And they’ve realized that if the market isn’t providing what they need, they can build it themselves.

In a guest blog on StartEd.com, JFFLabs co-authored an article with Alisa Wilke, vice president of strategy and innovation at American Student Assistance (ASA), featuring student entrepreneurs from the recent Youth Career Technology Shark Tank. It’s an in-depth look at why students deserve a deeper understanding of how technology empowers them to develop engagement and employability skills; and why they need to be at the table to develop the tools that help them navigate their lives.

JFFLabs and ASA will continue to support and work with youth entrepreneurs by creating opportunities like Shark Tanks. Watch this video, which was originally premiered at JFF Horizons, that features finalists from the recent challenge and their views on what student entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Why I'm so optimistic about entrepreneurship—because there's so many new opportunities. We're in the age of tech, right? I'm building an application and I'm only 18 years old. It's wild to say that I have the opportunity to help 200,000 people. Imagine millions of other youth saying that exact same thing.

Dario Anaya, Co-Founder of Pupil