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Lone Star STEM supports the implementation of college and career pathways in computer science and cybersecurity to develop a diverse talent pipeline of future tech workers.






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Our Focus

Implement computer science and cybersecurity pathways: Across the country, many high-wage jobs in technology fields are going unfilled due to a talent shortage. Developing pathways in these industries creates opportunities for economic advancement for young people and supports a robust economy.

Support a diverse talent pipeline: The current technology workforce does not reflect the demographics of our country. Recruiting and retaining young women, students of color, and students experiencing poverty is essential to workforce development efforts.

Develop best practices for scaling pathways in rural communities: Implementing pathways in rural communities comes with unique challenges due to factors like geographic isolation and limited staff capacity but can be a key strategy in rural economic development.

Advance career navigation systems: Impactful pathways require a shift from college and career advising, which falls primarily on the shoulders of school staff, to career navigation systems, which incorporates cross-sector partners, including industry, workforce, higher education, government, and community-based organizations.

Leverage dual enrollment to increase credential obtainment: Students who participate in dual enrollment are more likely to enroll in and complete a college degree while saving time and money! Expanding dual enrollment opportunities and increasing student access is a key strategy in preparing young people for high-wage careers, most of which require a postsecondary credential.

Increase the number of certified computer science teachers: A skilled talent pipeline starts with qualified educators. To increase access to computer science and cybersecurity pathways, there needs to be an increase in the number of educators qualified to teach these courses.

Our Goal

Partner with Texas Education Agency and the Texas Advanced Computing Center to increase the number of students participating in computer science and cybersecurity pathways with dual enrollment opportunities so more students earn an in-demand credential and are prepared for good jobs.

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