Pathways to Prosperity spurred a nationwide movement not only to improve career outcomes for students but to ensure students have the contemporary skills that labor markets need.

HGSE 100 Stories of Impact: Preparing for Lifelong Success

Published jun. 22, 2020

As our partner, the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) celebrates their Centennial, they are spotlighting 100 stories of impact—including this one covering the origins of our Pathways to Prosperity Network.

"Nearly a decade ago, an Ed School report co-authored by Senior Research Fellow Robert Schwartz, former professor of practice and academic dean, shone a bright light on the significant skills gap that prevents many young people in America from being qualified for the kinds of jobs that are increasingly critical in today’s economy — jobs that require interdisciplinary skills, nimble thinking, and specialized knowledge. From that report, the Pathways to Prosperity Network emerged, and through its strong partnership with Boston-based nonprofit Jobs for the Future (JFF), it continues to grow its footprint and make a nationwide impact."

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