Pay for Success in K–12 Education

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Supporting the development of sustainable funding models for high-quality career and technical programs





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Recognizing the exciting potential of scaling high-quality career and technical education programs using Pay for Success, Social Finance and JFF have partnered with sites to explore opportunities in their local communities. With $2 million in support from the US Department of Education, JFF and Social Finance are providing technical assistance to help sites assess the potential of, and then develop, Pay for Success projects.

Today’s economy demands a better-educated workforce than ever before with more technical skills needed than in the past.

Kathryn Lembo, South Bay Community Services chief executive officer and president

These sites—from across the country, serving diverse populations of underserved, high-need youth and scaling varied types of CTE programs—are the first in the country to explore Pay for Success financing in K–12 education.

Pay for Success focuses on funding tied to the measurement of outcomes, thus spurring investment in evidence-based solutions. Following a national competition to select the four partner sites, Social Finance and JFF are conducting a feasibility study for each site and, based on the results of the feasibility studies, will work with selected sites to structure Pay for Success projects.

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