Scale of Adoption Assessment & Consultation Process

Scale of Adoption Assessment & Consultation Process

JFF is partnering with the Community College Research Center (CCRC) to assist Student Success Centers (Centers) as they support their states’ colleges in designing and implementing guided pathways for their students. The goal of JFF’s partnership with CCRC is to help Centers build capacity and expertise in understanding colleges’ progress and priorities based on the results of the assessment process. The Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessment is a tool for Center, initiative, or system leaders to gather information about colleges’ adoption of guided pathways practices. It is also intended for use by college leadership teams to provide formative feedback on efforts to plan and implement guided pathways reforms.

 CCRC developed the Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption in 2015 as a framework for helping colleges plan the implementation of guided pathways practices in four key domains: 1) mapping pathways to student end goals; 2) helping students choose and enter a path; 3) helping students stay on their path…and finish strong; and 4) ensuring that students are learning. CCRC has developed summary reports for assessments for AACC pathways colleges, which have been used to write progress reports to college leaders, policy makers, and funders and to plan capacity building events.    

Key to Levels of Service

Level 1: Online Tools and Resources

such as research publications, policy briefs, recorded webinars, and virtual tools and templates

Level 2: Training, Convening, and Peer Learning

such as Network-wide workshops and webinars, group consultation with national providers, and leadership development opportunities

Level 3: Customized Services

such as state-specific coaching and consultation, institutes, and trainings customized for Centers based on readiness and need for deeper, individualized support


Center Executive Directors and staff have access to resources to support the planning, rollout, and consultation with colleges about the Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessment. CCRC will develop resources specifically for Centers including:

  • Webinar recordings for Centers and colleges to understand purpose and 
  • Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Self-Assessment tool
  • Follow-up call protocol and notes template
  • Sample state-wide summary report and memo on challenges and areas of progress
  • Consultation questions to guide college discussion and planning


A central activity to CCRC’s support for the SSCN will be to provide a series of train-the-trainer workshops for Center EDs and staff to use the CCRC/AACC Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessment to 1) establish a baseline of colleges’ adoption of guided pathways practices using the assessment and follow-up calls with college teams; 2) plan technical assistance and coaching based on common challenges and needs across a state (or cohort); and 3) conduct ongoing assessments and consultation on colleges’ progress in implementing pathways practices. Workshops will be offered for the first time in 2017 and then provided for a subsequent round of Centers in 2018.

  • Scale of Adoption Workshop #1 – Introduction and Planning: JFF SSCN Guided Pathways Strategy Meeting (May 11-12, 2017):

CCRC will launch its services for the SSCN at the SSCN meeting in Austin, where Center teams will consult with CCRC and JFF state teams to help Centers plan the introduction or continuation of the use of the Scale of Adoption Assessment within their states. This workshop will introduce the assessment tool and provide an overview of CCRC’s strategy for administering the assessment, conducting the follow-up calls, compiling and sharing the data, and using the information gathered to plan state-based capacity building activities. Centers that have used the assessment process will share learnings.

  • Scale of Adoption Workshop #2 – Assessment and Consultation Process: JFF SSCN Summer Meeting (July 18, 2017):

This workshop will introduce the guided pathways follow-up call protocol, review colleges’ frequently asked questions about the pathways essential practices, and model follow-up calls with the college leadership teams. The workshop will also include discussion of how the Student Success Centers can build statewide capacity for the implementation of guided pathways practices via targeted consultation and technical assistance that is based on information gathered through the Guided Pathways Scale of Adoption Assessment and follow-up calls.

CCRC Sessions at Other JFF Meetings:

EDs will receive additional training and leadership development related to assessments, metrics, and leadership through participation in JFF’s semi-annual state policy meetings and SSCN meetings. 



  • Customized Consultation for All Centers:

 In addition to Workshops 1 and 2, CCRC will provide customized help to Center EDs and staff to answer questions about the Scale of Adoption Assessment and college consultation process. EDs may schedule individual time with CCRC to discuss their colleges’ needs related to how to roll out and refine the Scale of Adoption Assessment process and consultation for colleges. This may include co-hosting webinars for casemaking with advisory boards and college leaders and teams.