Meet the Executive Directors

Published aug. 17, 2000

Meet the executive directors of the 16 Student Success Centers nationwide. Check out each ED's areas of expertise below for ideas on what to connect with each person about.


Andrew Clegg

  • Economic Development - Business Retention and Expansion
  • Workforce Development
  • Business Development
  • Community Development
  • Grant Management
Mike Leach Head Shot.jpg


Mike Leach

  • Basic skills instruction and developmental education redesign
  • Serving low income populations through holistic support services
  • Guided pathways implementation
  • Math pathways implementation
  • Linking institutional change to state policy change
Sandra Fried Head Shotnew.png


Sandy Fried

  • Public policy development and advocacy
  • Coalition building and partnership. development
  • Organizational development
Greg DeSantis Head Shot-new.jpg


Greg DeSantis

  • Financial aid
  • State and national policy
  • Shared governance
  • Enrollment management
Abbey Ivey headshot.jpg


Abbey Ivey

  • Postsecondary access, articulation, and transfer
  • Academic pathways and student success
  • Acceleration mechanisms, including dual enrollment and prior learning assessment
  • State policy analysis and implementation
Cathy Bio Head Shot-new.jpg


Cathy Bio

  • Implementation and management of system-wide student success initiatives
  • Student Affairs and Financial Aid
  • Strategic Planning
Erica Orians Head Shotnew.jpg


Erica Orians

  • Institutional research and longitudinal data analysis
  • Student affairs and academic advising
  • Rural community colleges
Jacob Farbman Head Shot-new.jpg

New Jersey

Jacob Farbman

  • Fundraising
  • State Policy
  • Trustee Governance
  • Strategic Communication
Jennifer Miller Head Shot-new.jpg

New York

Jennifer Miller

  • Managing and scaling system-wide community college student success reforms
  • Non-academic integrated student support initiatives
  • Workforce, career, and economic development
  • Community college leadership search expertise
  • Marketing and communications
  • Advocacy, business development, and business partnerships
Susan Barbitta Head Shotnew.jpg

North Carolina

Susan Barbitta

  • Math faculty member
  • Guided Pathways implementer and advisor
  • Multiple measures researcher
  • Leader in developmental education reform
  • Military credit for prior learning developer
  • Career-and-College-Ready graduate alignment partnership expert
Laura Rittner Head Shotnew.jpg


Laura Rittner

  • Guided pathways implementation
  • Institutional research and data analysis
  • Coaching
  • Outcomes-based funding
  • State and institutional policy
Elizabeth Cox Head Shotnew.png


Elizabeth Cox Brand

  • Public policy development and advocacy
  • Communications and research
  • Student services and enrollment management
  • Multiple measures for placement
  • Student affairs and academic advising
  • Developmental education reform
Cynthia Ferrell Head Shotnew.jpg


Cynthia Ferrell

  • Guided Pathways
  • Coaching
  • Trustee training
  • Developmental education
  • Student success courses
  • Educational administration


Laura Clark

  • Coaching and Non-academic supports
  • First-generation student experience and success
  • Cross cultural communication and education
  • Professional development strategies
Kristi Wellington-Baker Head Shot-new.jpg


Kristi Wellington-Baker
Terese Craig headshot.jpg


Terese Craig

  • Student Affairs
  • Holistic Student Development
  • Academic Support
  • College & Community Partnerships


Chrystal Seeley-Schreck

  • Inclusive education, in higher education, non-formal education and agency settings
  • Sustainability and equity in education
  • Human ecology, culture, and sustainable community development