Table of Contents

These tools are intended to serve as examples and starting points for your work. We encourage Centers and coaches to customize them to their own local contexts. Not every tool will be helpful in every context, so we invite you to use the tools that best suit your coaching activities and adapt them freely.

Craft of Coaching

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1. Setting Up Your Engagement

This section contains tools that will help coaches and colleges set themselves up for success as they begin working together. Coaches will also find some of the data tools useful. In particular, we encourage coaches to explore and become familiar with the early momentum metrics as they begin their engagements with colleges.

3. Post-Engagement

This section contains tools that coaches can use to solicit feedback on their work with colleges to ensure that the relationship remains productive and trusting.

Working with SSCs

Student Success Center Coaching Design and Implementation

This section of the toolbox includes resources that coaches would use with the guidance of, and in collaboration with, their states’ Student Success Centers. Coaches are a critical piece of the feedback loop between colleges and SSCs, and they can help transmit information between the local and state levels. Many SSCs have developed, or are developing, their own tools—some of which appear in the appendix. Tools in this section will evolve over time and include those created by Centers, JFF, and Community College Research Initiatives (CCRI), under the umbrella of the SSCN Coaching Program.

Strategic and Work Planning

SSCN Coaching Program Planning Tool

Guided Pathways

Implementing Guided Pathways

These tools will be intended to help educate and inform coaches about the elements of the guided pathways model. It may be appropriate to share some of these tools with colleges as they work through various pieces of guided pathways.